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Exhibition in Germany
TEXPROCESS'2017 (Frankfurt)
9-12 May 2017

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  Automatic front placket machine


FEATURES : UZ-PL55 (series)

 • Sewing & Cutting can work  related automatically. 
 • Knife cutting control by motor and able to choose in Full Cut or Semi cut.
 • Cutting width adjustable by program.
 • Programmable control with touch screen monitor.  
 • Servo motor & Direct drive for sewing head.
 • Carriage feeding by stepping motor.  
 • Thread break detecting sensor. 
 • Laser marking for accurate sewing.
 • Hidden Placket able to choose bottom 5 shapes.
 • Center Placket able to choose bottom shape in C-Cloes or C-Open shape. 
 • Sewing width easy to adjust ut to 60mm.
 • Sewing length easy to adjust 40-300 mm.
 • Calculating system in bobbin thread. 
 • Start and End sewing can be selectable for CONDENSE-BACK TACK-STANDARD stitching.  
 • Sewing cycle 5-10 second/piece depending on length and type of fabric.

UZ-PL55-ST/PS(Full Options):
     -STACKER (ST)

(Preparing Option):

 (Standard Model) 


Power Supply


Sewing Head Motor Direct  drive Servo Motor
Sewing Width Adjustable (4 to 60 mm.)
Sewing Length 40-300mm.
TYPE of POLO Center  & Hidden Placket
Hidden Placket Bottom 5 Shapes
Center Placket Bottom C-Close & C-Open
Air Pressure 5.5 kg/cm2 
Sewing Cycle

5-10 seconds (depends on size of work piece)


WxLxH = 700x1260x1150 mm.

Gross Weight

230 Kgs.




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